The Manchester and Sheffield Folk Trains

Folk Train Photos

This unique musical entertainment is renowned amongst local music lovers and costs no more than an ordinary train ticket. Our enthusiastic musicians play on the train, and at the destination everyone alights to visit the pub for liquid refreshment, entertained by a further session from the band. Then everyone piles back on the train to be entertained again on the way home!

The Folk Trains have proved a consistent success since their introduction some seven years ago, which sometimes means there is limited seating capacity in the carriage with the band. Please don't expect a formal concert - just enjoy the Folk Train for the fantastic experience that it is... !

Manchester Trains

For up to date information please ring: 01663-746377 or 0161-242-6296 (24 hours), or visit the website: Folk Train Website

Sheffield - Edale

For up to date information please ring: 0114-2666764 or visit the website: Sheffield Folk Train Website

Folk Train Photos

Information on this page was taken from the Hope Valley Leisure Guide a few years ago...
Please visit the Folk Train Website for the latest updates!

It seems the idea for the folk train, and other activities, came about because the rail companies wanted to discontinue the slow trains which called at every station en route. This would seriously affect the tourist trade, so the Hope Valley Community Rail Partnership was set up to organise train-oriented events to boost passenger figures.

By organising special events, including free guided walks, the aim was to encourage ramblers to use trains (and buses) to get to their favourite rambling spots, and to leave their cars behind.

That was about seven years ago, so it must have been successful!

Folk Train Photos

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