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Extravaganza 10

March 19th 2006
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Sunday only... 10.00

Sunday -2:00pmFREE All Day Singaround
 3:00pmClub Floor Spots
 3:20pmSteve Turner
 4:20pmSteve Turner
 6:00pmClub Floor Spots
 6:20pm Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher
 7:20pmBill Whaley & Dave Fletcher
 8:30pmClub Floor Spots
 9:20pmDave Webber & Anni Fentiman
 10:30pmDave Webber & Anni Fentiman
 11:15pmGrand Finale!

Now we have moved to the Royal Oak, there isn't enough room in our Club Room to run our Extravaganza in its past format, so we will remove the tables from the club room and set out concert-style seating. This means there will be limited tickets available, but there may be an extra seat or two available on the day. Tickets only guarantee admission to a concert if you arrive before the guest starts their first spot (i.e. during the Club Floor Spot or before). After then, any empty seats will be filled if there are people waiting.

There will be a FREE all day singaround in one of the other rooms, so why not come along for the singaround if you're not interested in the concerts?!

Food will also be available, in the form of filled barms and hotpot - with vegetarian options, too.

Extravaganza 10

March 19th 2006

Although the room is small, we managed to squeeze everyone in! The atmosphere was magical, albeit a trifle hot, and everyone commented on how the entertainment was excellent value for money. So maybe we should have charged more...!!

Bernard started things off, seen here with John and Dorothy joining in... they took the next spot, doing one of their 'Songs and Verse' sets.

Dorothy and John

John, Fran and Pauline

Matthew then gave us a couple of songs, followed by...

Yvonne, seen here with Cath in the background.

A couple of poems from Jim kept things bubbling along nicely!

We were delighted to see so many floor singers, and such a wide variety of songs - without any duplication! Well done to everyone!

Our Boss, Pauline, sang a couple of songs to pave the way for our first guest...

Steve Turner!
Here he is singing to the accompaniment of his concertina...

...and here we're having some tunes on the mandolin.

Steve went into retirement around fourteen years ago, and only started touring again last year. Most of his repertoire is new material, but he still gives pride of place to Paul Metzers' 'Farewell to the Gold'. Steve's concertina accompaniment to the song was written by Paul himself for a recording where Steve was his accompanist. The song was also recorded by Bob Dylan, amongst others!

After Steve had finished, we had our meal break, then it was Cath's turn to sing.

We then had some songs and tunes from Rex and 'Flying Fingers' Patrick, up from Worcester!

Patrick again, with Steve Turner staring in disbelief...!

We first saw Patrick at the Open Door (Star Inn) eighteen months ago at Extravaganza 7. His family met up with John and Pauline at Cropredy, and he had just taken up the melodeon. By the time they arrived at the Open Door that October, he was already showing signs of great things to come... he was eleven only two weeks ago, and that Castagnari melodeon costs £2000...! Bill Whaley was heard to comment 'He makes you sick!'

These days they call themselves "Angelcynn", Old English for "English Folk" which is who they are and what they perform. They will be guesting at the Open Door on Sunday 20th August 2006.

Bill Whaley & Dave Fletcher were our next guests...

They gave us their usual mix of traditional and contemporary songs, mostly with Bill's concertina as accompaniment, but here Dave's melodeon had the dust blown off it...

...and here Bill is playing the as yet unnamed son of the 'Purple People Pleaser' - a MIDI concertina!

The MIDI concertina is an interesting beast - it can electronically mimic any instrument... piano, flute, organ... we even had a banjo tune!! The 'Purple People Pleaser' (seen at Extravaganza 8!) was the prototype, and this one is the production model.

Another break, after which Pauline gave us another song...

... followed by Maggie

...and more from Rex and Patrick.

Phil then took us up to our next guests...

Dave Webber & Anni Fentiman...

...who gave us plenty for listening, and plenty for singing!

Another break, after which Angie gave us a song (seen here with Ali in the background)...

...and so did Geoff!

Dave &: then took us up to the Grand Finale in great style!

Well, that's the tenth extravaganza over - best make a note of the next one!!

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