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Extravaganza 9

October 16th 2005
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Sunday only... 10.00

Sunday -2:00pmFREE All Day Singaround
 3:00pmClub Floor Spot
 3:20pmTh'Antique Roadshow
 4:20pmTh'Antique Roadshow
 6:30pmClub Floor Spot
 6:50pmHughie Jones
 7:50pmHughie Jones
 9:00pmClub Floor Spot
 9:30pmBill Caddick
 10:30pmBill Caddick
 11:15pmGrand Finale!

Now we have moved to the Royal Oak, there isn't enough room in our Club Room to run our Extravaganza in its past format, so we will remove the tables from the club room and set out concert-style seating. This means there will be limited tickets available, but there may be an extra seat or two available on the day. Tickets only gaurantee admission to a concert if you arrive before the guest starts their first spot (i.e. during the Club Floor Spot or before). After then, any empty seats will be filled if there are people waiting.

There will be a FREE all day singaround in one of the other rooms, so why not come along for the singaround if you're not interested in the concerts?!

This is not a new idea - we've pinched it from Swinton Folk Festival, which is running the following weekend, so why not go to that, too?! Contact Dave Wynn on 0161-793-6556 for Swinton Festival details and tickets.

Extravaganza 9

October 16th 2005




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