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15 April Jim Schofield
29 April Stanley Accrington
3 June Derek Gifford
1 July Jon Brindley
5 August Dave Jones
26 August Richard Gray
23 September Geoff Higginbottom
20th and 21st October
Brian Peters
Joe Stead
Jez Lowe
Joan Blackburn
Jon Brindley
Pete Coe

What a fantastic weekend! There was something for everyone, plenty of singarounds, a guest list to die for, and the world's greatest raffle... Okay... slight exaggeration... but the raffle was quite good! A CDRom is available of photographs taken over the weekend, for a mere fiver! If you were there, your picture may well be on it!

25 November Tap the Barrel

Al and Ez (Tap the Barrel) provided plenty of good, rousing chorus songs which tested the roof to breaking strain! From their opening rendition of 'Back Home in Derry (Bury?!)' right through to closing with 'Steal Away', feet were tapping and throats were gradually becoming hoarse... Poor Al started with a sore throat! However, constant swigs of his 'medication' (see left!) kept him going!!

Clearly they had raided a music shop en route to the club, bringing guitars, mandolin, mandola, tenor banjo and bodhran to choose from... For the last few tunes of the evening they were joined by Stuart Thompson (who will be appearing here on January 20th), also on tenor banjo.

Regulars Bernard, Len, Phil and Archie provided floor spots - all in all, it was a worthy Open Door guest night. Click here to see some photos!

23 December The Open Door
Christmas Party
Lynn and Barrie Hardman

The ever popular duo of Lynn and Barrie Hardman attracted a large audience - particularly as it turned out to be Lynn's birthday (21 - again!). They sang all their old favourites, and were joined by Stuart Thompson and Brian on some songs. Bernard had us in stitches with his drunken Glaswegian interpretation of the Twelve Days of Christmas, which must be seen to be believed!! Why not look at the Photo Album?

30 December Pauline's Birthday Bash
Stanley Accrington

Not that we can reveal her age... but if she has candles on her cake it will probably burn the pub down!! ...oh, and it's FREE! (as long as you bring a big present!)

A fitting end to the 2001 season! Most of our regulars had a chance to do their party pieces, and Stanley Accrington unloaded some of his 'near misses' of the year! Here's the photographic evidence...
The problem: we've ended the year on such a high, how can we possibly match that in 2002?
The solution: Look at our new season's guest list, and you'll find out!!

6 January

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