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20 January Stuart Thompson
& friends

Multi-instrumentalist; solo outing for the Whiskey In The Jar member.

So... Stuart does have some friends, after all!! And they all turned up in their droves to give us one of the biggest audiences to date! Stuart (guitar, tenor banjo, mandolin and mandola), along with Al Mayall (tenor banjo, mandola, bodhran and guitar), Jamie Knowles (fiddle and 'Hardanger Felle'! Eh? Wot? see below!), and Ray Greenwood (electric bass - he obviously hadn't had a bath, as the rest of the band kept their distance!) claimed they hadn't rehearsed for this gig, but it didn't show! They kept up a polished, lively performance for the whole evening, to the delight of the gathered throng (see photos).

The evening started with Bernard, Harry (Birthday Boy, showing off his new banjo!), Archie, Cath, Brian, Pauline and Linda, then Stuart and friends took us through to the beer break.

After the interval it was the turn of Norman, Tony, Maggie, Joan and Graham, with Stuart and friends finishing the night in great style!

Oh... in case you were wondering... a 'Hardanger Felle' is a Norwegian fiddle with eight strings. Four of the strings are played in the normal way, and the other four are 'sympathetic' strings - probably because they've heard Jamie's jokes...! This particular Hardanger was made in that well-known Norwegian village called... Dobcross!

17 February Dai Thomas

Arguably the best blues-man Britain has ever produced... his raw enthusiasm, skilful guitar and vast knowledge command respect from all who know him. Join us and find out for yourself!

Bernard and his Anglo concertina got the evening off to a raucous start, and we had offerings from Pauline (accompanied by Bernard on Dai's Martin), Phil, Archie, Brian, Cath, Maggie, Graham and Len.

Dai took us on a tour of the instruments he'd brought - two resonator guitars, a conventional Martin, a twelve-string Guild and a twelve bar autoharp. Click here to see some photos...

His songs encompassed a wide variety of styles, including the Carter Family and Blind Willie McTell; he brought the first half to a close with an interesting song about Casey Jones, where the resonator guitar was used to imitate various engine noises - air brakes, whistle, bell and so on. As a complete contrast, he finished the second half with the Leadbelly classic 'Irene, Goodnight'.

We look forward to seeing Dai again - his unique ability to present his material in a way that appeals to a non-blues audience without compromising the dyed-in-the-wool blues aficionados is a joy to behold!

17 March St. Patrick's Night Special
Anthony John Clarke

A man who needs no introduction - come early to be sure of a good seat! 'The man with the red guitar'; brilliant singer-songwriter with several albums to his credit...

The evening started with the usual gang of reprobates, headed by Bernard (see photos!). Anthony John turned up accompanied by Elizabeth van de Waal on keyboards, guitar and backing vocals, and wife Julia on accordian. As usual, we were treated to a great night's entertainment, with such favourites as 'Irish Eyes' and 'The Only Life Gloria Knows', interspersed with material from his latest album 'An Acquaintance of Mine'.

7 April Kieran Halpin and Maartin Allcock

Respected singer-songwriter accompanied by one of the most talented multi-instrumentalists around; a member of Fairport Convention for many years, also Jethro Tull.
We were fortunate enough to acquire the services of Messrs. Halpin and Allcock on one of their all too rare tours. One of our biggest audiences to date witnessed a performance to be savoured; Kieran Halpin, armed with a hatful of self-penned songs and guitar, accompanied by Maartin Allcock on fretless bass, with occasional guitar. Kieran proved that he is a singer-songwriter of the highest calibre; the sublime accompaniment provided by Maart was an absolute delight. See pictures...

5 May Karen & Colin Thompson

Worcester-based Karen & Colin are gaining a reputation as excellent performers with a repertoire of traditional & contemporary material interpreted in an original & innovative manner. They have set poetry to self-composed tunes, finding little known traditional ballads & performing well-known songs in an individual manner.
As usual, we had offerings from the usual reprobates who just happened to stagger through the door - Bernard, Pauline and Archie; we also had a rare duet from Brian and Cath!
When Karen and Colin took to the floor, their down-to-earth style of performance made for a great evening's entertainment, with Karen's enthuiastic singing ably and subtly accompanied by Colin's guitar. Some of their songs were poems by John Masefield which they had set to music, with others from various sources. We look forward to their return!

1st & 2nd June
Did you miss it?)


Roy Clinging
Songs and tunes of old Cheshire, on concertina & guitar
Vic Gammon
(ex-Etchingham Steam Band, The Tale of Ale)
 Annie Dearman
 Steve Harrison
Dave Burland
This well-known guitarist singer - songwriter has enjoyed success as a solo performer, & with Hedgehog Pie in the late 1970's. Also a well-known session player. Barnsley's proudest son is still regarded with deep affection on the folk club scene, considered by many to be a seminal influence.

Kieron Means
A singer primarily of traditional, but also of contemporary songs, and a guitar player of great merit. Received great acclaim at Whitby in 2000, and at Fylde this year.
John Spiers and Jon Boden
Spiers (melodeon) & Boden (fiddle) are an exciting young duo who play a lively mix of traditional songs & tunes. Spiers' playing is dynamic & varied, whilst Boden is one of the most exciting singers to have come on the traditional music scene in recent times. They have just been nominated for the 2002 Radio 2 Horizon award.

Bernard Wrigley
(The Bolton Bullfrog)
 Did you miss it?  Click here and read all about it!
30 June Dave Gibb

His songwriting is rooted firmly in the folk tradition. The not too serious songs reflect his somewhat cynical view of the world & its inhabitants. His guitar style provide excellent accompaniment to the wide variety of song styles in his repertoire.

An enjoyable evening's entertainment, Dave will be invited back in the not-too-distant future!

14 July Red Duster

...are Ross Campbell & Ron Baxter. They usually present thematic shows which are both entertaining & informative. When not doing that, the range of material at their disposal enables them to put together a bunch of songs & stories, tunes & monologues to keep any audience satisfied.

We were treated to a highly informative 'lecture' about Lord Franklin's back passage (what's that, Pauline? OH, SORRY! North West Passage!!) from Ron, interspersed with songs from Ross. As this is a fairly new show they have recently developed, there were one or two hiccups! Still, someone has to be first!

August Singaround every Sunday

We don't close during the summer!!

15 September Geoff Higginbottom

Geoff can always be relied upon for a great evening's entertainment (that's another pint you owe me, chuck!). Book your tickets now to avoid disappointment! Erm... we haven't printed any... oh well. Better turn up early, then!
And a terrific show he put on, too! Plenty to join in with, so much so we had to call the builders in to repair the roof...! Photos to follow shortly...

19th and 20th October
Did you miss it?!)


Cathryn Craig
Brian Willoughby
...set our third extravaganza off to a flying start! Willoughby has played lead guitar with The Strawbs since 1978, as well as being a session musician. He has toured in Nanci Griffith's band. As a Nashville session singer, Cathryn Craig has worked with such artists as Emmylou Harris, Tom Paxton & Bill Medley. Featuring on Brian Willoughby's solo album has led to the successful team of Brian & Cathryn performing together in concert.
Bill Caddick
Singer - songwriter, formerly with The Albion Band & The Home Service. Rare visit to the N.W.
Pete Coe
Pete's singing, playing and dancing (all at the same time!) went down so well at our first Extravaganza a year ago that we asked him back!

Jane & Amanda Threlfall
Martin Ellison and Roger Edwards
Jane (mandola and guitar) and Amanda (viola), along with Martin Ellison (melodeon) and Roger Edwards (Anglo concertina and guitar). Lots of traditional songs and tunes...
Martin and Roger provide plenty of lively tunes, with some spine-tingling unaccompanied singing from Jane and Amanda. Put the four of them together, and... well, come along and find out for yourself!

Sadly, we were originally to have had Buz Collins at this time, who tragically died at the end of August.
May we extend our deepest sympathy to his family and friends.
An exciting acoustic & accomplished folk band performing mostly contemporary material, much of which is original. Based in the N.W, their versatility & vibrancy have already caught the attention of many.
Martin Carthy
The man himself... what more needs to be said? Oh yes! Buy a ticket, or you won't get in!!
 Did you miss it?  Click here and read all about it!
24 November Sara Grey

...has been collecting & performing traditional tunes & songs from the various areas in which she has lived. She has now been performing for more than 30 years. Earlier this year her talented son, Kieran Means, appeared at our second Extravaganza.

What a great evening! A better than usual turn-out, and we had a surprise visitor - Brian Peters. He and Sara used to perform together, and we had a few samples speckled across Sara's sets. The star of the show, though, was Sara's foot! She gaves us old and new songs, some accompanied on the banjo, some not, but the foot joined in on everything! A lovely lady, who won the hearts of everyone - all of whom stayed to the very end! She'll be back - maybe with her son, Kieron Means.

22 December The Open Door
Christmas Party

Brian Peters and co. getting all festive!! Come and join us - we might even find you some butties...
...and what a riotous time we had! A good turn out ensured a great party atmosphere right from the start, with plenty of butties for all! We had songs from Pauline, Bernard, Archie, Cath, Brian, Phil, Graham and Hilary, and mayhem from the Ploughboys! Pictures to follow soon...

29 December Pauline's Birthday Bash
Stanley Accrington

Not that we can reveal her age (as if we dared!)... but if she has candles on her cake it will probably burn the pub down, !! ...oh, and it's FREE! (as long as you bring a big present!)

A big 'Thank you!' from Pauline to all those who turned out to help her celebrate her birthday! We had floor spots from Bernard, Pauline, Archie, Cath, and Brian before Stanley's first set. After the break, we had songs from Maggie, Peter Hood of the Red Bull (ably assisted by Dominic and Sam), Linda, Phil, and lastly Norman. Stanley got off to a rather slow start in his first set, but made up for it in the second! Photos will appear soon...

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