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Extravaganza 5

18th and 19th October 2003
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Saturday -1:00pmSingaround
 3:00pm Dave Burland
 6:00pmTom McConville
 9:00pmSteve Tilston
Sunday -2:00pmSingaround
 3:00pm Threlfall Ellison Edwards
   'Jane and Amanda Threlfall, with Martin Ellison and Roger Edwards' have adopted a new name... which is a lot easier to type!

Now recognised as brilliant ambassadors of English traditional songs and music. Their lively and refreshing approach, coupled with considerable skill, passion and respect, has earned them a remarkable response from the traditional music establishment. From the amazing success of their debut album "Morning Tempest", in September 2000, they go from strength to strength.

Mike Harding's enthusiasm for their quality performance meant regular exposure on his Radio 2 Show and an immediate nomination for the Horizon Award for Newcomers in the 2001 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. "(They are) terrific performers of English traditional material," he declared. "A great delight to come across music that's got that edge of authenticity - very traditional, very English, but also wonderfully done." Their second album, "Gown of Green", launched at Sidmouth 2002, also got the Radio 2 treatment.

CD sales remain strong, and regular postings on radio playlists throughout Europe and America, together with positive reviews from fROOTS, The Living Tradition and innumerable regional folk magazines, confirm them as "one of the brightest stars in the folk firmament".

Threlfall Ellison Edwards are quietly unassuming, until they actually do their stuff! Suddenly everything's awesome quality! They really must be seen live to be fully appreciated. Currently working on their third CD, they plan a release date either later this year or early 2004. Get on their mailing list now!
 6:00pm Chris Foster
 9:00pm John Kirkpatrick

The Open Door Folk Club
Extravaganza 5

18th and 19th October 2003

Extravaganza 5 got off to a good start with an excellent turn-out of floor singers - our regulars, Pauline, Harry, Bernard, Yvonne, Matthew, John and Helen, plus Mark Dowding, George 'El Greko', Mick, Rhiannon, Bob '8 Pints', Sue and Hilary...

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Our first guest was Dave Burland, who was a guest at Extravaganza 3 last year. Once again, we heard some great songs delivered in Dave's inimitable style - including that famous old folk song 'It's All Over Now'... also recorded by that famous folk group, the Rolling Stones!!

Dave Jones (of the North West Federation) was our MC for the guest spots and raffles, whilst our own Bernard led the singarounds.

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During the beer break we had our first raffle of the weekend, with oodles of wonderful prizes, then Bernard sang a couple of songs (Cushie Butterfield at Dave's request) to pave the way for our second guest:

Tom McConville, who was making his first appearance at the Open Door, soon had everyone's feet tapping to his lively fiddle tunes. He also pre-empted Steve Tilston by singing 'Rocky Road' - Steve's re-work of 'The Prickly Bush'.

As Dave Jones pointed out, Tom manages to sing and play ar the same time - no mean feat with a fiddle! Tom's mastery of the fiddle is second to none, which he proved many times over in a truly scintillating second set - and the first set was okay, too!!

After a short singaround following Tom's second set, it was time to greet our last guest of the day:

Steve Tilston, who was also making his first appearance at the Open Door, but his songs had preceded him! He opened with 'Let Your Banjo Ring', and included 'Constant Lovers' which is not his own composition, but a Victorian Music Hall song written in the folk idiom.

So... on to Sunday!!

An even better turnout than yesterday! Bernard started us off, and regulars Pauline, Yvonne, Phil, Matthew, Harry, and Norman were joined by John, Julie, George, Geordie John, Rick, Lesley & Richard, Bob & Sue, Cath, Ann, Hilary & Richard, Norman, Martin and Stanley Accrington!

After the first singaround we settled down to today's first guests:

Threlfall, Ellison, Edwards! They sang and played a mixture of old favourites, plus songs from their soon-to-be-released new album on which they are currently working. We also had a startling revelation regarding Amanda's singing technique... 'buttock clenching'!! Aaah... you had to be there!

The quality of singing from Jane and Amanda, coupled with the sublime accompaniments from Martin and Roger, never fails to please. Martin plays a range of melodeons and whistle, Roger plays guitar and Anglo concertina, Jane plays guitar, and mandola, and Amanda plays viola... plenty of variety!

After drawing the first of the two raffles, we welcomed:

Chris Foster. Two sets of wonderful traditional and trad-style songs, some unaccompanied, others with a fine guitar accompaniment. One person was even heard to comment: 'Who needs Carthy when you've got Chris Foster?'!! We don't see Chris around these parts very often, which is a great pity - he will certainly be returning to the Open Door!

Between Chris's first and second set we had a singaround, during which Norman gave a side-splitting rendition of 'Old Macdonald Had A Farm'... in Scots Gaelic!! Norman had to agree to a drugs test after this exhibition of lunacy... the jury is still out!

Our final guest of Extravaganza 5 was:

John Kirkpatrick, making his first appearance at the Open Door. John has the knack of combining technical brilliance and entertainment, which is a very rare quality. One minute you are dazzled by his playing technique, and the next you are chuckling at the daft words in his songs!

Well, that's the fifth extravaganza over - best make a note of the next one!!
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